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Etruscan Ceramics from Cetamura del Chianti

The Student Archaeology club at Florida State University prepared an exhibition of 3-D plastic printed copies of pots excavated at Cetamura. The project was supervised by Windham Graves, coordinator of the FSU Facility for Arts Research (FAR). Besides pots printed in plastic, Graves produced a laser-cut styrofoam copy of a 5-foot Etruscan dolio (storage jar) from Cetamura. The exhibition, “Printing Ancient Pottery in 3-D: Etruscan Ceramics from Cetamura del Chianti” held its opening on October 16, 2015 at the FSU Museum of Fine Arts. 

The following day, International Archaeology Day, was celebrated with special activities for children with visual disabilities from the Lighthouse of the Big Bend, who learned about archaeology by handling the 3-D printed objects.   The Archaeological Institute of America provided funding for the project.