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The Medieval Castrum

In the last 4 years (2015-2019), much of the focus at Cetamura has been on the area on Zone I around Well no. 1, in an attempt to learn more about the surroundings of the Etruscan well [a.].  So far in trenches both north and south of the well, the new revelations have to do with the medieval castle.  It has become clear that documents of the 12th century from the Badia a Coltibuono that refer to the site of “Civitamura”  as a castrum relate  to extensive and often very substantial foundation walls of a castle. A striking find within the castrum trenches in 2019 was the jaw of an equine, seemingly intentionally deposited next to an area of firing activity, perhaps a hearth or forge [b.].  A recent internet article provides a  narrative for the 12th century situation:

New drone photos from 2019, made by Devid Savegnago, show the foundation walls of the castrum very clearly [c.].  

North of the well, the work continues to seek to define a huge cavity carved down into  the bedrock, which may be a quarry (perhaps of Etruscan times).  It contains a massive fill certainly of Roman and medieval material, and probably of Etruscan as well.  So far it has revealed evidence of two phases of the castrum [d.].

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