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How to make a donation through the Florida State University Foundation

Thank you for wanting to benefit Excavations in Chianti. Donors like you have made a major difference by—

  • Funding student fellowships and internships;
  • Supporting student travel;
  • Underwriting three museum exhibitions in Italy including the publications associated with each show;
  • Providing for laboratory research by distinguished scientists; and
  • Making possible crucial logistic support for difficult excavations such as the Etruscan wells

Now we are close to realizing the dream of opening a new museum in Gaiole, Italy featuring the Cetamura finds.  In the coming year our fund raising goal is $50,000, to be applied especially  to 3 major aspects of the development of the museum displays:

(1) to support students and scholars in researching and preparing interpretative material explaining the finds for the public, and,

 (2) to provide cabinets and other items to insure the safety and security of the items on display. 

  (3) to organize and stage a conference in the museum or in a virtual museum featuring the latest research on the massive amount of evidence obtained from the Cetamura Wells about the environment and biodiversity in the ancient Etruscan and Roman landscapes of Chianti. 

If you wish to help, you can make a tax-deductible donation through the FSU Foundation at After completing the donation, you will automatically receive an acknowledgement from the Foundation. If you wish to make the donation in some other way or if you have problems please contact Alexia Chamberlynn: [email protected]

Get involved

50th Anniversary Celebration – June 2023

FSU’s archeological excavation at Cetamura in Italy turns 50 this year and we will be celebrating on the site and in our lab with new drone mapping technology and new students. It all culminates with the inauguration of the Museum at the Origins of Chianti in Gaiole in Chianti which will permanently display some of our most important artifacts.

To donate please visit our Spark Page.