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Archeological Field School at Cetamura

Each year FSU International Programs organizes a field school at Cetamura, called Archaeology in Tuscany, under the direction of Dr. Nancy de Grummond.  It normally takes place in May and June. 

Students in the program may take courses in a variety of approaches to archaeology in the field, the lab and the museum, according to their level, from beginners to advanced [a.,b.,c]. The program features field trips to sites and museums [d.] that help to enrich the students’ knowledge of the cultures under excavation at Cetamura.  More details may be found below and at the FSUIP site (includes application materials).


The program is open to all interested students, and is particularly recommended for students majoring in Classics, Art History and Anthropology.  The program is not limited to FSU students. 


The program opens in Florence with visits to archaeological museums and sites that are relevant for the Roman and Etruscan past of Florence and the Etruscan periods at Fiesole right outside Florence.   During the season there are also field trips to sites such as Orvieto, Siena and Castellina in Chianti.


The crew is housed in the town of Radda in Chianti in rooms with bath for double or triple occupancy. There is a common kitchen area in the lodgings. The town provides basic services in banking, post office, Internet, laundry, groceries, and pharmacy. 

Course Credit Available

A variety of courses may be taken for credit.  Students can learn about and be trained in the full range of activities involved in archaeological fieldwork. Credits are available for completing a project in the laboratory studying artifacts that were excavated in the past and for a course on sites and museums visited. There are opportunities to learn more about what happens to artifacts after they are discovered and are destined for museum display, working in the lab and on the project of opening a museum at Gaiole in Chianti, the nearest Italian town to the site.

Financial aid is available through the generous support of the Bucher-Loewenstein Museum Internship as well as through many other scholarship opportunities.

Latest News

New Orth Reckford donation of $1 million to benefit Cetamura, FSU Classics

We are continuing our yearlong commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Cetamura and the inauguration of the Museum at the Origins of Chianti and Gaiole. We invite you to join us as we bring the celebration home to Tallahassee with two days of festivities. Click below to view the schedule and register to join us in-person or access Zoom details.